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Brazilian Percussions!


included in the bank
offered by Unusual sounds

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Zvon The Zvon Trumpet kit
Here's a fun experimental kit I made for the DK+. I used some of the original trumpet samples that were used as a basis for the IYTTIW modified trumpet sample set (available for EVE). There's also a pattern (made at 120BPM). Note that some of the samples are unused in the kit.


included in the bank, download one of the two archives Rar or Zip birrbits Cart Frogrock, huge acoustic kit

Finished the kit, it is now been dubbed
'Cart Frogrock v3'. Lotsa layers & samples recorded in December (all new cymbal samples!).
Alot more sample trimming & tweaking (many samples completely re-cut for longer tails).
This version is completely dry, no reverb, no eq, no compression. All samples are raw/unprocessed.

included in the bank pw Xustan is a small but creative electronic kit, with 12 interesting custom patterns included.

The website for the kits is: But the samples are hosted on another site, here: pw

At the request of GIRO, the creator of these excellent samples, I quote:

"GSCW Drums Disclaimer:

Please note! This library was done with HALion 2. You may not experience the full potential of this library with some other formats. The user patchs may not reflect the full capacity of this library..."

And in a sense this is correct, these DK+ maps feature maybe 98% of the samples, and are mapped differently, this partly because I did a totally manual conversion, and partly because of different spec’s between drum samplers. As with my other maps for DK+, all sounds are mapped to one stereo out, purely a personal preference. However, I don’t think you will notice you are missing out on much. The sampling is superb and both kits have a warm, intimate room feel. The maps ‘GSCWDrumkit1’ and ‘GSCWDrumkit2’ each reference the respective kits in the large download, and it is a good idea to create a new ‘User’ folder in your DK+ library for each kit. The earlier map I made, 'GSCWFree' refers to an earlier demo kit GIRO released.

You can move this map to the folder containing the ’GSCWDrumkit1’ samples, as this kit is the source of the demo samples anyway.

Enjoy this great freeware gift from GIRO.



Easyrider pw

Ruffrider is a great rock and lofi kit, and a bit of a cult classic in the world of freeware drum samples. It features really nice rides and crashes, and the kit has a raw, underproduced feel. In this map, there is no panning of drum pads, and all drumpads are sent to output 1/2 with no compression. This is purely a personal preference for my composition style. I prefer to do these tweaks on a per song basis depending on other instrumentation. Enjoy the Ruffrider.

The 'Aleph' and 'Bet' maps of Easyrider feature the exact same content for all cymbals and hats, but each have a different bassdrum and snare taken from the kit. Easyrider has sweet rides and crashes, and nice bassdrums and snares. Enjoy.


to be searched pw

Tchakpoum has great bassdrums and snares, and is a nice allrounder. An interesting feature of the kit is the extra overhead samples which I have set up at zero volume, so the user can mix them accordingly to add room ambience. In these maps, there is no panning of drum pads, and all drumpads are sent to output 1/2 with no compression. This is purely a personal preference, but encourages tweaking on a per song basis. 'Tchakpoum Lite' has only one velocity layer per pad. 'Tchakpoum Randomized' has all hits assigned, but each pad triggers a hit randomly instead of per velocity, a great and interesting feature of DK+. 'Tchakpoum' is the full map.

ns_kit7 free is no longer available. Atelier Robin Inc purchased the world wide copyrights to both ns_kit7 and ns_kit7 free on February 14 2008.

The full ns_kit7 is available at under the new name NDK.

put the file in the samples folder and load the file into DK+. I've only used about 60 of the samples so far - 20 pads with 3 velocity layers per pad. I've nominally set the velocity crossovers to 60 and 110 and the mapping is pretty close to GM and follows the documentation included in the sample download. I have mapped to the outputs as follows: General kit - 1+2 Hihats - 3+4 Bdrum - 5+6 If people are interested I can document which samples I've used,
so you can delete the rest or if you wait I'll carry one and set some more velocity layers.
I did normalise on loading and I may try again without as it did cause me some problems with the hi hats in particular.

Now I've got the Hihats under control I've re-mapped the outputs as: General kit to 1+2 Snare to 3+4 Bdrum to 5+6

included in the bank

Liqih mtx9 Simmons Toms and Percussions
   Some others:

Yppse samples and dk+ mappings: 9c9f3934e774/yPPse-All-DK+-20070214


Rock2 Kit

Spe3dSquidgeKit 98&highlight=kit

dk+ mappings with the tingsha, zil, and wind chimes sample packs


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